December 13, 2020

Popup Invasion!

Somebody has just installed popup blocker on their device. You are the Popup blocker! It’s time to get down to business and close… those… popups!

Each level harder than the next. Popups appear faster. If you accidentally click a popup, more will show up. If you hit the maximum number of popups, the computer crashes.

Power-ups help you clear levels. 

The bomb: clears all popups on the screen.

The time doubler: Popups will appear slower.

The ram doubler: Allows double the popups to be shown on the screen before you lose.


Feeling nostalgic? This game takes the look and feel of Microsoft Windows 95/98. Some may even say this is a 90’s Internet Simulator.

Can you get past level 3? It’s much harder than it looks!

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