December 13, 2020

Smart Pill ID

Take a picture, choose from your photos, or manually enter pill details to identify pills and get details. Save pills to reference them easily. With auto capture, the app will take pictures of your pill until a result is found.

When viewing a pill, you may view details of the prescription including:

* Description

* Precautions

* Dosage and Administration

* Overdosages

* Adverse Reactions

Full version of the app is available with a monthly subscription. Features include:

* Unlimited Scans

* Unlimited Pill Saves

* No Wait Times

* Ad Free Experience

* Access to new features before rolled out to everyone else

Did you know that every year at least 100,000 pills are incorrectly dispensed by pharmacists in America? Smart Pill ID is perfect for anyone who takes prescription medicine, pharmacists, police officers, and anyone else who needs to quickly and accurately identify a prescription.

DISCLAIMER: Do not rely on Smart Pill Identifier to make decisions regarding medical care. While we make every effort to ensure that data is accurate, you should assume all results are unvalidated.

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